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Autoflow Irrigation has installed many sprinkler systems in schools throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Watering system installations are often carried out during school holidays to minimise disturbance for school activities, but depending on the available alternate playground/oval areas, we may be able to cordon off the area where we are working and complete the installation during school time. 

An automatic sprinkler system at your school will keep your turf at optimum health, without the need for maintenance staff to spend hours each week dragging hoses and sprinklers around just to keep it alive. Watering can be done during the night instead of the day allowing much greater absorption due to less evaporation. A sprinkler system will ensure your fields have thick grass coverage providing a soft landing for falls, diving players, and tackles. Fertilisers, pesticides, and wetting agents can be thoroughly watered in to ensure effectiveness, and laying of new turf or seed in front of worn areas such as a goalmouth can be watered in at the touch of a button. During Autumn the over sowing of a cool season turf such as Ryegrass is much more effective as you are able to keep the seed moist during germination.

As mains water flow and pressure is usually insufficient to irrigate a sports field in a short time frame, tanks are usually installed with the water being pumped back out at a desirable flow to reduce the time needed to give a sufficient drink. Depending on the location of nearby buildings, tanks may be able to collect water off a roof to collect rainwater.

Smart controllers that adjust run times based on temperatures and skip watering when rain is forecast are always installed in schools, significantly saving both water and electricity whilst also increasing the lifespan of pumps due to shorter run times. It also prevents the fields becoming saturated after rainfall. Smart controllers also allow easy maintenance as phones can be used as a remote control, and will also send alerts in the event of an electrical fault.

Trenching is required to install the components of an irrigation system. Depending on the time of year and type of turf, trenches usually grow back over in around 6 weeks during the main growing season for the most common Kikuyu and Couch variety's. If a short recovery time is required for field to be playable again we can use our turf cutter to cut the turf prior to trenching. We cut the turf and roll it up, trench, install pipes and sprinklers, and reinstall turf just a few hours after it has been cut. Turf is usually playable again within a week of completion.

We have also installed irrigation systems in school playground areas as well as agriculture /vegetable plots.

We have installed irrigation systems at Baulkham Hills High School -Rugby League/Soccer Field, Blacktown Boys High School -Two Sports fields, Parramatta Marist  -Rugby League field, Fairfield Patrician Brothers -Multi use sports fields, Davidson High School on the northern Beaches- Rugby League field,  Knox Grammar Preparatory School Wahroonga -Two Soccer/Rugby/Cricket fields, Girraween Public School -Playground areas, South Coogee Public School- Playground area, Hilltop Road Public School Merrylands -Four playground areas. Trinity Grammar Summer Hill- Principal's quarters, and Trinity Grammar Field Studies Centre Woollamia on the South Coast. See our projects page for more information on each install.

Our staff have current Working with Children's Checks.

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