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Autoflow Smart Irrigation wifi controllers

Technology is rapidly evolving and with this has seen many new irrigation controllers hit the market. "Smart" controllers allow your controller to be programmed and operated online using your phone, tablet or PC. They also adjust run times based on temperatures, and can prevent irrigating using predictive rainfall forecasts, or after a predetermined amount of rainfall. We will input the plant type, precipitation rate of the sprinkler (how fast the water comes out of the sprinkler) soil type, sun/shade and the controller will communicate with the closest weather station to retrieve weather data and will adjust the run times of each zone based on recent temperatures. This means it is constantly adjusting the run times so your landscape is getting exactly the right amount of water every time. It will increase run times during warmer weather, and decrease during cooler weather. It will also skip the cycle altogether during and after rain events.

Smart controllers can easily be retrofitted to replace existing controller.  Click here to contact us about upgrading to a smart controller.

Hunter Hydrawise controllers are the complete smart controller. With stacks of features it is the most precise smart controller that can be fine tuned using multiple weather stations to give the most accurate weather data. It also has a built in multi meter and the ability to add a flow meter to ensure you are alerted in the event of a high or low flow event- we will know immediately if you have a broken nozzle, leaking pipe or blocked nozzle. 

 Rainbird LNK Wifi module can be added to modern Rainbird controllers such as ESP-me, and ESP RZXe- see the below video.