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Autoflow Smart Irrigation wifi controllers

Technology is rapidly evolving and with this has seen many new irrigation controllers hit the market. "Smart" controllers allow your controller to be programmed and operated online using your phone, tablet or PC. They use wifi to retrieve data from nearby weather stations and will then adjust programming based on the weather forecast, and also recent weather. Our pick of all the smart controllers is the Hunter Hydrawise controller. 

Hydrawise are the complete smart controller available for both commercial and residential projects. With stacks of features it is the most precise smart controller that can be fine tuned using multiple weather stations to give the most accurate weather data. It is a cloud based controller mmeaning if you lose your phone, your controller doesn't lose all it's information. It also has a built in multi meter and the ability to add a flow meter to ensure you are alerted in the event of a high or low flow event- we will know immediately if you have a blocked or broken nozzle, leaking pipe or jammed solenoid valve. On commercial or isolated sites where wifi may not be readily available, we can install a USB port inside the controller and then install a wifi dongle meaning the controller has its very own wifi connection.

Pricing guide for Hydrawise:

Prices are for replacing an existing irrigation controller in the Sydney Metro area, and does not include any additional repairs. Please note a strong wifi signal is required. A mesh type booster may be required if wifi signal is weak at controller's location (Not included). 

Below prices includes 12 months of online fault monitoring and program adjustments.

6 Station Pro HC $545.00 including GST

12 Station Pro HC $685.00 including GST

24 Station Pro HC $989.00 including GST

If wifi is unavailable for areas such as commercial sites and acreage properties, an external USB port and Telstra wifi dongle with 12 months data can be installed for an additional $520.00 including GST.

If you have a friend or neighbour in the same suburb that will also have their controller replaced by us at the same time, a discount of $35 will be applied to both of you!

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