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Autoflow Irrigation design, install and service sports field irrigation including schools.

We can install a complete new system with tanks, pumps, flow meters, and internet control via a smart Hydrawise controller that will adjust the run times based on weather.

We have installed many automatic sprinkler systems on rugby league fields, cricket, and football/soccer fields in public schools, catholic schools and other private schools, making a huge difference in the health and quality of their fields. A sprinkler system will also free up grounds maintenance staff to concentrate on other tasks instead of spending hours dragging hoses around and setting up sprinklers, and then packing it all up again. When maintenance staff are on holidays during Summer your field will still be getting exactly the right amount of water to sustain it's health instead of returning to a brown dust bowl after copping Sydney's scorching heat for six weeks. Automatic irrigation systems come on in the early hours of the morning, making the fields available to be used during all school hours every day.

We also have a turf cutter so we are able to remove turf prior to trenching, install pipes and sprinklers and re-instate the turf just a few hours after we have cut it, minimising the down time of the field allowing it to be used as soon as we have finished the installation. Some of our images below show the field a few days after using the turf cutter and re-instating the turf. After a week you can barely see where we have cut it!

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Rugby field sprinkler system installation in Sydney

sports field irrigation

high school sprinkler system

school watering system

Rugny League field watering system Sydney

Catholic school football field installation in Sydney's West

Turf rolled up and trench dug sprinkler system

Turf re-installed and sprinklers running after turf has been cut

School cricket field sprinkler system in Sydney

Private school sports field irrigation system in Sydney's north