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Will a Hydrawise controller save money?

Hydrawise controllers adjust run times based on weather, reducing run times during cool weather and increasing during warm weather. They also skip watering when rain is forecast, not just after rain has already fallen. This can lead to huge water savings, especially on sports fields and large commercial sites. More money is saved when the system runs off a pump as you are also saving electricity.

How much does an automatic irrigation system cost?

Each site is different so a site inspection has to be carried out to give a firm quote. As a rough guide most systems in the Hills district will fall between $4,000- $6,000. The minimum for a very small yard would be around $2,500 as there are components required regardless of size such as backflow prevention, smart controller, and we engage a utility locator to mark all services before trenching. These costs are fixed regardless of size whether it's 5 square metres or 500 square metres.

Why do you charge for quotes?

We are a small business that receive most of our projects through word of mouth, or repeat work from our landscaper clients. We can only do so much work so therefore have to be careful we aren't wasting time quoting jobs that we were never going to get, because the potential client is going to get 5 quotes and simply go with the cheapest price. We aren't usually the cheapest price because we refuse to budge on quality to match the unlicensed landscapers/ gardeners/ mowing people that claim they can install irrigation systems. 

From the brands of quality products we use, to the design such as correct sprinkler placement, pipe sizing, trench depths, using copper pipe where pipes are exposed, cable in conduit etc.  The cost of the quote is then refunded off the final invoice if the quote is accepted. 

Do I need to be home to get a quote?

No. As long as there is access, we can give you a quote without you being there. We would prefer to explain the products and installation methods we use, but we understand some people work very long hours and aren't able to be there for the quote.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes we accept all major credit cards. A 2.5% surcharge will apply.

Why do you need to check the water flow and pressure?

Without these measurements it is not possible to correctly design an irrigation system. The number of sprinklers per zone needs to be established. Each sprinkler uses a certain amount of water (in Litres per minute/LPM). If your water flow in LPM is less than the total amount of litres being used by all the sprinklers, you have to divide the sprinklers into zones which determines how much cable, pipe and the size of the controller. If you exceed the available LPM in a zone, the sprinklers will not operate correctly.

What is Head to Head spacing?

Head to head spacing is when sprinklers are spaced in a grid pattern. Where one head sprays to, you install your next head there, so if a sprinkler has a radius of 12m, each sprinkler should be 12m apart in each direction. Head to head is the optimum spacing for perfect coverage, eliminating dry/wet spots. Usually sprinklers are installed along the edges of a lawn throwing inwards. On large lawns rows of sprinklers may be installed at equal distances in a grid pattern.

Will I need to re-turf my lawn when my system is installed?

Irrigation is best installed before any turf is laid on new landscapes. We use a trencher that is 80mm wide. On existing lawns the grass normally grows over within 4-6 weeks in peak conditions. Some settling may occur and a light topdressing over the trenches may be required once the soil has settled. As an option we can use a turf cutter to remove the turf before trenching, and re-install the turf once any pipes and cables are installed.

Do you use one brand of products in particular?

After years of trialing different products, we install different brands for certain components of the system. We generally use Hunter, Rainbird, and Netafim products depending on the application.

Will you show us how to use the system once it is installed?

Yes we will run you through the functions of the controller and explain how it works. We will be happy to answer any questions. We will place a sticker with our phone number on the controller so you can call us from the controller and ask any questions.

Do I need to be careful of the sprinklers when mowing and whipper snipping?

No, when installed correctly you can completely ignore the sprinklers. Pretend they aren't even there. We use the best sprinklers on the market that will completely retract out of harms way when not operating. They will pop up through the turf when the zone turns on and disappear out of sight when the zone turns off.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

To confirm acceptance of the quote, a 10% deposit must be made, with a further 30% once materials are on site. The balance must be paid on completion.

Do you service existing systems?

Due to the very poor quality of a lot of irrigation systems that has been installed by either D.I.Y, or unlicensed contractors, we do not work on systems we didn't install.

I am building a new house or upgrading my landscaping. What provisions need to be made for my irrigation system?

Install a DWV PVC pipe preferably 100mm but at least 50mm in diameter below your concrete to link all hard surfaces such as driveways and paths. Pipes and cables can then be fed through as required. DWV is much stronger than stormwater pipe.

Should I check to see if my contractor has a license to install irrigation systems?

Yes. Irrigation is a specialty job. By using an unlicensed contractor you may have a sub-standard system installed that does not meet industry standards. A licensed contractor will ensure that correct backflow prevention is installed, the system will be efficient, you will not have dry patches because of a poor design, and you will receive a warranty.

Can I upgrade my battery timer to a Hydrawise controller? 

No, only 240V plug in controllers can be upgraded to Hydrawise controllers. We may be able to run cable from the solenoid valves to a controller where there is a power point nearby.

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