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To deeply water your property's lawns and gardens each week takes many hours of frustration fighting with hoses that kink all the time. The installation of an automatic sprinkler system will give you back you afternoons and weekends so you can admire your lush green lawns and tend to your gardens in other ways, rather than spending all that time watering it trying to keep it alive, let alone thrive.

The installation of a smart, wifi based controller will allow you to water your lawns and gardens at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Smart controllers automatically adjust your run times based on past weather and weather forecasts, skip watering when rain is forecast or has fallen, increase run times during warmer weather, and decrease run times during cooler weather. Temperatures in parts of Sydney can vary widely day to day during Summer, so a smart controller will ensure your landscape is getting just the right amount of water each cycle instead of over watering or under watering.

Generally we install pop up sprinklers in lawn areas, and dripline in garden beds. The type of pop up depends on the size of the area. We will determine the most suitable type of irrigation for your property while undertaking a site inspection. We will also carry out a flow and pressure test so we can design the system accordingly.

To arrange a quote, send a txt message during business hours to 0483 0200 236 with your name and address and we will be in touch. We are often unable to answer our phone so a txt message is preferred.

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