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To deeply water your property's lawns and gardens each week takes many hours of frustration fighting with hoses that kink all the time. The installation of an automatic sprinkler system will give you back you afternoons and weekends so you can admire your lush green lawns and tend to your gardens in other ways, rather than spending all that time watering it trying to keep it alive, let alone thrive.

Pop up sprinklers will lift above the turf and irrigate the area with water using the selected nozzle to suit the shape and distance required. Once the sprinkler turns off it will simply retract down below the grass.

Solenoid valves will turn the system on and off which are wired into a controller. The controller allows you to set a watering program for whichever days of the week, at whichever time you like (usually just before dawn) for whatever run times you like. Controllers use wifi so they can be operated from any internet connection, and they can also automatically adjust run times based on temperatures.

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