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Autoflow Irrigation

Autoflow Irrigation has completed many projects including school sports fields and playgrounds across Sydney, acreage properties, and residential properties in the Hills District of Sydney. 

The installation of an irrigation system at your school provides a much safer learning environment courtesy of a healthier thick turf that will soften any falls or graze injuries from diving and sliding. Most systems are run off rainwater tanks collecting water off a nearby roof, and are also topped up with a mains water supply when the tank is running low. We always install smart watering systems that adjust the watering schedules based on recent and forecast weather, reducing run times during cooler weather, and increasing run times during warmer weather. It also prevents watering when rain is forecast, not just after it has rained.

We have installed irrigation systems at Baulkham Hills High School -Rugby League/Soccer Field, Blacktown Boys High School -Two Sports fields, Parramatta Marist -Rugby League field, Fairfield Patrician Brothers -Multi use sports fields, Knox Grammar Preparatory School Wahroonga -Two Soccer/Rugby/Cricket fields, Girraween Public School -Playground areas, South Coogee Public School -Playground area, Hilltop Road Public School Merrylands- Four playground areas.

Parramatta Marist High School.

This field is trained on by the Parramatta Juniors so a quick turnaround was required. The field had to be usable within a short time frame. Our turf cutter was used to remove the turf from each row of sprinklers and mainline prior to installation. We were then able to trench, install our pipes and sprinklers and carefully back fill the soil so so the turf would match up to the existing turf again. Once the turf was re-instated we would roll it and give it a good soak. It didn't miss a beat and our clients were very happy with the results. We used the existing tank and pump to re-install a new system to replace the very outdated hydraulic system that was there. Coverage issues were also overcome by installing 35 Rainbird 6504 sprinklers spaced around 15-16m apart. We also upgraded the existing controller for their second field linking them both to the one controller, and then allowing the fields to have the benefits of a flow sensor, weather station, and Smartlink aircard for online control and monitoring.

Sydney Irrigation system using a turf cutter

Sydney school sprinkler system cut with turf cutter with sprinklers on

Patrician Brothers Fairfield.
It started as a Quick Coupler Valve  (QCV)  system for manual watering of the turf and turned into a major project with over 100 Rainbird 6504 sprinklers being installed on their multi purpose sports field where cricket, rugby league and soccer are played. Over 400m of 63mm mainline was installed, fed by a 58,000L rainwater tank and a pumped sized to deliver the quantity of water required in a short time frame. This was a decoder system with a flow sensor, weather station, and Smartlink aircard for online control and monitoring.

School rugby field watering system in Sydney

Rainwater tank for irrigation system in Sydney high school

School sports field irrigation system in Sydney

School sprinkler system Sydney

Fairfield patrician brothers sprinkler system

Knox Preparatory School, Wahroonga
Two separate systems were installed at Knox Prep school on their fields. A cricket pitch is in the middle of both fields, and they are used for soccer and rugby during Winter. Both have their own Rainbird ESP-me controllers with LNK module to use the school's wifi for internet control. Rainbird 6504 Stainless Steel sprinklers were used throughout. The school's full time greenkeepers are now able to spend their time on other tasks whilst having a beautiful lush field for the students.

Knox Grammar Sydney Sprinkler system

Knox football field irrigation system

Cricket field irrigation system installation Sydney

Knox irrigation system installation

North shore school sprinkler system contractor

East Village, Zetland
Installation of 24 zone irrigation system on 6th level rooftop. System is made up of Weathermatic Smartline controller, Netafim drip line in garden beds, Hunter PGP and various MP Rotator sprinklers in lawn areas. Rainbird spray nozzles are used on fruit/vegetable raised planters.

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Eastern Suburbs irrigation install

Commercial irrigation contractors

Tarlo acreage property near Goulburn in the Southern Tablelands of NSW-  The installation of a Weathermatic SL4800 controller with 36 stations in total,  wireless weather station to save water and Smartlink system for web based control. 190 Hunter MP Rotator sprinklers were installed in smaller lawns and along either side of 280 metre long driveway, 80 Weathermatic T1 sprinklers installed in larger open lawns, 8 Weathermatic T35 sprinklers for the croquet court sprinklers, and over 5km of drip line in garden beds. System is run off a Grundfos CRE-10-06 pump.

Preparation for irrigation system

sprinkler system

pop up sprinklers with Hunter MP Rotator

Lawn watering system

Croquet Court sprinklers

Watering system
Port Botany extension  - Installation of 18 Hunter SVC battery operated solenoid valves running Hunter PGP sprinklers to irrigate new plantings on tidal salt marsh.

The Landings, North Turramurra - Installation of 19 individual drip irrigation systems connected to rainwater tanks for 18 villas and common area at luxury retirement home. Each villa has it's own Weathermatic Smartline controller with Hunter wireless rain sensor and Netafim dripline.

Watering system North Turramurra

Unit Block in Gordon in Sydney's Northern Suburbs-  10 zone system of MP Rotators on risers throughout gardens and lawns.

Gordon sprinkler system

Irrigation in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney

South Coogee  Public School - Installation of Hunter automatic irrigation system connected to rainwater tanks to irrigate playground.

  School sprinkler system

The Elan apartments Rushcutters Bay -repair existing 27 station irrigation system on rooftop garden including replacement of existing controller with Hunter ICC controller, conversion of dripline back to spray heads, repair numerous wiring faults and replace faulty solenoid valves. We now service system each quarter including commercial areas on street level.
Rushcutters Bay watering system

Mt Vernon - two and half acre property with 21 station system. Lawn areas are irrigated by Weathermatic T3 sprinklers and Hunter MP Rotator sprinklers,  and dripline is used in garden beds. 

System is run off a one hundred thousand litre underground rainwater tank with Davey pump.
Irrigation system for acreage
Watering system Dural
Cavill Avenue , Ashfield -  Upgrade two existing controllers with Hunter Pro-C controllers, 

locate existing solenoid valves using our locating equipment and replace with Weathermatic 12000 series solenoid valves.

Convert sprinklers to dripline in garden beds.

Victoria Square, Zetland- Installation of 6 station automatic watering system on rooftop garden of 7 storey apartment building. Lawn areas are watered with Hunter MP Rotator sprinklers with Netafim dripline in garden beds.
Inner city rooftop irrigation system

Rhodes- Installation of drip irrigation in gardens and planter boxes, and Hunter MP Rotators in lawn areas. 15 zone system.

Commercial irrigation in unit block development

commercial sprinkler system in unit development Sydney

St Vincents Hospital, Sydney- Installation of Weathermatic Smartline controller, weather station and Smartlink aircard for web based irrigation control.