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Autoflow Irrigation Sydney

Autoflow Irrigation is based in Baulkham Hills in the Hills District of Sydney. We install irrigation systems on School sports fields across Sydney, acreage properties, and residential properties in the Hills District.

Owned and operated by Bryan Parnell who has held his irrigation license for twenty years, Autoflow pride ourselves on the quality of our systems. Bryan also completed Certificate 3 in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens) so has a wealth of knowledge about turf, plants and their water requirements.

We are big on water conservation, installing the latest technology with wifi controllers that adjust the program based on recent, present, and future weather forecasts, saving our most precious resource by minimising waste through weather based schedules.

We have very high standards and only install quality systems using tried and tested brands that we trust will do the job for many years to come. We have invested in many machines and tools that have aided us in delivering quality irrigation systems. 

 There are many unlicensed tradespeople claiming they can install irrigation, and we have come across many examples of very poor designs and workmanship that the gardener/landscaper has installed, costing our poor clients more money to have it done twice. Please ensure your irrigation contractor is licensed to install irrigation! We are licensed for a reason. 

For residential projects we charge $88 including GST to provide a quote within the Hills District, and $132 including GST for the rest of the Sydney metropolitan area. We will provide a flow and pressure test, and explain in detail how the system will be installed. After the site visit we will email a detailed quote with brochures of the products we will be using. If you proceed with the project the cost of the quote will be deducted from the final invoice.

 Schools, and acreage quotes are free.

 Please note- We do not subcontract to builders, work on new unit block developments, or service systems we didn't install (except for controller upgrades).

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